Thursday, 20 October 2011


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speaking of dehydration....

I arrived on the ward yesterday at 12 noon. I got a bed and some pain relief at 2.30. I got fed (to some extent) at 5pm.

At 9pm, 9 hours after admission and 6 hours after I started asking, I got a jug of water and a glass. Bearing in mind the heat and the dryness in here, I have never ever been so pleased to see a jug of water...

What concerns me most is: what if I hadn't been able to ask? Would I have had to wait until 8am when they bought round the fresh water? 20 hours with no fluid intake won't do anyone any good, let alone someone already unwell...

There has been stuff in the paper recently about patients dying of dehydration... I can now say I truly believe it!

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I could save the NHS millions...

Seriously, turn the heating down 2 or 3 degrees, that's all you have to do!

It was so hot in here last night I thought I was going through the change. No relief from the heat other than wobbling round to the bathroom and wiping a cool flannel over your face.

Combine that with the pain and I managed about 2 hours in the end.

Woken up by the staff removing my jug of water to fetch me a fresh one. Thus followed 30 minutes of dry mouthed hell. So so dehydrated...

Doctors came round this morning and told me I am dehydrated and need to drink more!

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This one reminded me of school... but CYGWIIY?
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This one really was special... but CYGWIIY?
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Worlds smallest portion of something... but CYGWIIY? It's safe to say it did not quite fill a hole
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No escape...

Just in case anyone has any wild ideas of escape, they've chicken wired the Windows...
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random meat...

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Can you guess what it is yet? 1
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Last weekend...

So last Friday I was admitted to hospital for a long and arduous 3 night stay. Only 3 nights you say? Trust me, when you are in hospital, lasts approximately a week.

I was admitted with acute abdominal pain. After twice being diagnosed with appendicitis on the first day of admission (my appendix having been removed in 1995) they have now settled on it being a girl problem they are reluctant to intervene with, other than to manage the pain with painkillers.

So there comes my first irritation. Forever to be referred to as "The Night From Hell" having been told that my pain would be managed with analgesia, I was written up for paracetamol. Despite hours of sobbing, hours of being told "the doctor will see you shortly" and absolutely no sleep whatsoever, 19 HOURS LATER I was finally seen by a doctor and prescribed some proper pain relief.

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Well as this is my second hospital admission in a week, and I find myself increasingly disgruntled at the most stupid, avoidable irritation, I thought I would get them all down in a blog. That way when I finally get round to writing my complaint letter I have a point of reference! I intend to use this blog to record and share all these little irritation, as well as twice daily guessing game: what is this shit you are feeding me?

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